Get Involved

There are so many ways to help the Minnesota Tool Library grow and reach its goals. If you’re looking to gain experience in a particular area, please let us know. We prefer to help you get the most out of your time with us – whether that’s an hour, a day, a week or a year.

Board of Directors Meetings

These meetings are open to the public. Please feel free to attend. Within the context of the meeting agenda, we will do our best to engage you in the meeting, encouraging your questions and suggestions.


We are always seeking out additional partners as we make the tool library as responsive as possible to our community needs. Partnerships can come in many forms:

  • Partners to help us meet our financial goals
  • Partners to assist in providing excellent educational opportunities
  • Partners to aid in obtaining project materials
  • Partners who can support us with our tool acquisition goals
  • Partners who can offer additional promotional assistance

Ways to Volunteer

We aim to serve the community and cannot do it without you. We need all types of volunteers. If you have time and want to make decisions about the way we run the Tool Library, you can join one of our many committees. If you want to help just for a day on a specific project, contact us and we will email you when we need help.  

One time Events:  Contact us and we will email you when we need volunteers for a few hours. Some examples are tabling at an event, helping us at a party in our space, helping at a tool drive or a work day at the tool library to organize or paint.

We aim to serve the community and cannot do it without you. We need folks to help with:

  • Organizing and maintaining our space
  • Checking in new and/or donated tools
  • Maintaining tools
  • Lending expertise in building, creating, imagining, fixing and telling jokes
  • Teaching classes
  • Working with our committees: Fundraising & Finance, Partnerships & Outreach, Programming, and Tool Inventory

Why volunteer?

Because you want to be part of the community you live in, you want to have a fuller connection to the people around, and you have something to share. It may be a unique skill passed down from your family, a few decades of experience in a trade, or perhaps a simple interest in learning something new. 

Whatever the reason, you will make an impact in your community. You will make a connection where there wasn’t one before, you’ll share something that was lacking earlier and you’ll find a skill you didn’t know you could possess. This will lead to a stronger, more connected and more skilled community. One project at a time.


We have several committee meetings you can attend. They are held every month and each is led by a member of the board of directors. If you’d like to be involved with how the tool library is developed, please consider attending a meeting for one of these groups:

MTL board - The MTL board of directors is the overarching decision maker for the Tool Library.  They set the budget, determine membership fee structure and do strategic planning for the Tool Library.  MTL board meetings are open to the public.  All MTL board of directors are required to be on at least one other committee. 

Email if you wish to attend a meeting.

Local Advisory Board (LAB) - Every branch has a Local Advisory board (LAB).   LAB members are voted in by the membership of that branch.  The LAB makes decisions about its branch.  They help organize the tools, they make decisions about what tools will be purchased at that branch.  LAB members are required to be on at least one other committee.  

Email or if you wish to attend a meeting.

Outreach and Partnerships - The outreach committee is one of our more active committees. They Seek out Business sponsorships. They organize and publicize our many events that we either host or attend.  We host parties at our space as well as attend events such as Protype Days at the Science Museum or Maker Faire at the State Fair Grounds.  We have had fundraising events at breweries.  The success of these events started with the Outreach committee and of course the volunteers that help on the day of these events.  This committee is also tasked with keeping our social media relevant.

Email  if you wish to attend a meeting.

Programming - Another very busy committee. Besides lending out tools, the MN Tool Library has workshop space. We want to provide training of all kinds to the community in our space.  This Committee is tasked with finding qualified instructors and providing relevant workshops at all the branches. The goal is to have at least 4 workshops per month. Because both branches are only open 12 hours a week, there is lots of opportunity to have more workshops in our space.

Email if you wish to attend a meeting

Tool Inventory Committee - One of our newer Committees. This Committee runs tool drives, sells extra tools, makes decisions about which tools should go in which locations.  They also help maintain tools and make recommendation to the MTL board on which tools to buy.

Email if you wish to join this committee.

Fundraising and Finance - Currently much of our funding is through grants and donors.  The fundraising and finance committee finds and submits grants on behalf of the MN Tool Library.  They also oversee the budget and pay the bills.

Email  if you wish to attend a meeting.

Membership - Membership committee is tasked with helping grow the MTL membership.  They make recommendations to the MTL Board on how to grow a diverse membership base.  They provide numbers to the board as to how the membership is changing.

Email if you wish to attend a meeting.