Sign Up!


Sign up over the web is possible! NOTES: 1) This can only be completed with a credit card.  2) Please enter your drivers license number in the “Address Notes” field.

Please follow this link: Online Membership Sign-Up.

In Person

Residents can sign up in person at either tool library. The application takes about 3 minutes to complete and we’ll give you a tour of the shop. Please bring:
1. Identification Card (Drivers License or State identification card)
2. Means of Payment (Cash, Check, Credit Card)

Membership Benefits

Membership with the Minnesota Tool Library costs $55 annually ($45 for residents of Windom Park neighborhood, our initial grant funder) and provides:

  • Access to over 2,400 tools in our inventory for a 7 day period (renewals upon availability)
  • Access to a 500 square-foot workshop – a building space where you can make, build or repair whatever you like!
  • 20% discount on educational classes.
  • General access to tool & project advice.
  • Connection to a do-it-yourself community of builders.
  • Reduction of your environmental footprint through using fewer resources.
  • New skills for your household, for your community.

Additional Details

When purchased, a MTL membership can be used by any resident of the household who is:

1. Listed on the membership account
2. Over the age of 18
3. Is in agreement with the MTL safety protocol (signed waiver).

Also, tools can be borrowed immediately upon signing up for membership.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who can use the MTL?

Any resident of a household in the region that registers for a MTL membership. Users must be 18 years of age or older and be listed on the membership account. Residents need not live in NE Minneapolis to become a member.

How much does a membership cost?

Annual memberships cost $55 ($45 for residents of the Windom Park neighborhood association, our primary funder).

What’s included with a membership?

Members are offered:

  • Access to full inventory of tools
  • Access to Open Shop workspace
  • 20% discount on educational workshops
  • Connection to DIY community
  • Tool advice and resources
  • Reduction of resource consumption (A chance to single-handedly save the planet!)

How long can I keep a tool?

Upon check out, tools must be returned in 7 days.

What happens if I return a tool late?

Tools returned after their return due date will incur a late fee, which varies among tool types.

Can I only return a tool during hours of operation?

Tools can be returned during Tool Library hours and Open Shop hours, but must be received on or before their due date.

Do I need to clean a tool before returning it?

Yes, tools should be returned in the same condition as they were during checkout. If they are returned dirty or worn beyond a reasonable expectation, a fee may be assessed.

What happens if I return a tool damaged or broken?

Members that do not return a tool (or return in unrepairable condition through obvious neglect for proper usage) will be asked to pay the full replacement value of the tool. If damaged through what appears to be the normal use of the tool, a determination for repair/replacement options will be made.

Can I reserve tool for later check out?

Currently, tools cannot be reserved, but we aim to have this option available soon.

What tools are available?

Tools available can be viewed on the Tool Inventory page of this website.

Are their instructions on how to use the tools available?

Some tools will come with a brief training, others with safety instructions.

Can a small business owner use tools from the tool library?

Yes, we hope to afford small business owners the ability to grow their business, take on more clients and perhaps even create more jobs for the community. That said, we will hold business owners to the same standard of proper tool usage as individual checking out tools for home use (ie – tools should not be returned with excessive wear).

If there’s a tool I need that isn’t in the tool inventory, can I request it to be ordered?

Absolutely! We aim to be responsive to our members needs. We will have to review our needs and financial capacity, of course, but multiple members are seeking the same item, there’s a good chance we’ll aim to add it to our inventory. We also are developing many organizational partnerships that expands our members’ options for accessing the tools they need.

What is the Open Shop?

This is our space dedicated to members needing a space to construct something away from home. We offer hundreds of hand tools and dozens of power tools to help you build things safely, effectively and easily. And we have folks on site to help if you have questions or need advice.

If I’m working on a project in the Open Shop, can I keep it there until I finish?

Currently, we are limited in the amount of space we have for storage, but it is our hope to acquire space for this purpose. Nonetheless, we may be able to make arrangements on a case-by case basis.

What if I hurt myself in the Open Shop?

We have First Aid onsite and always have shop attendees to help when needed.

I have a specific skill I’d like to learn, how do I go about suggesting the workshop?

Let us know! We are always wanting to know what our members and others in the community would like to learn about.