Classic and Premium Unisex T-Shirts ($20), Long Sleeve Shirts ($25), and Pullover Hoodies ($35) made to order and shipped directly to your door.

Available in various shades of blues and greens, heather grey, black, and maroon. Size options from XS to 5XL.

Proceeds from this collection benefit our Community Philanthropy and help fund Impact Projects, like our Space to Learn Desk Build.






Gift Certificates
Celebrate that Special Occasion with something thoughtful and functional that is sure to be remembered - Holidays, Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, and House-Warmings... an MTL Gift Certificate is perfect for every milestone!  Hard-Copy Certificates may be purchased at any MTL Branch and Square E-Cards are availble HERE.

Certificates may be redeemed towards membership, classes or merchandise.

Are you an organization looking to purchase group memberships? MTL is happy to offer a discounted rate for individuals or organizations purchasing 10 or more Memberships.  Please contact to start a conversation!



COVID Information

We know many of you rely on the MN Tool Library for your small business, home improvement, and emergency repair needs; in addition to the pinterest-worthy projects that will become even more important for our self-care as we continue to deal with the impacts of Covid-19.  As an essential service we remained open throughout this crisis, and continue to do our best to mitigate the virus' impact on our community.
No project is worth our collective health and safety.

The Minnesota Tool Library has returned to standard operations.

You are no longer required to make reservations or an appointment for check-in/out. Please continue to follow general health and safety guidelines and stay home or mask-up if you're under the weather - the one thing we don't want to share is germs! Masking is always welcome and may be required while working in the Shop or for Classes based on capacity and intimacy.

Steps we've taken to keep you safe include:

  • Increased Ventilation: Our dust filtration systems are already designed to help filter small particles from the air. We've also deployed more fans and filters for better airflow.

  • PPE & Hand Washing: We ask all staff, visitors, and members to MASK-UP if not fully vacinated or if spending significant time in the workshop in close quarters. We also encourage everyone to wash or sanitize their hands.
  • Increased Physical Distancing: We've set our capacity limits (for the shop, our on-site crew, and classes) below current regulations, shifted equiptment stations further apart, and made use our exterior hallways/areas for staging check-in/out.

  • Limited Exposure: Meetings, Operational Tasks and Programming are offered with remote options when possible. Appointments and activities have been condensed to the shortest timespan possible, so no one is spending more time than they need to around those outside their immediate household.
  • Regular Cleaning/Disinfecting: Members are asked to wipe down any of the tools they use at home or in the shop. In addition, MTL disinfected each item as it was checked-in before re-shelving inventory, and most enjoyed a few days of quarantine between lends. Shop mentors/staff regularly disinfect key surfaces at the end of every shift, if not more often.

  • Vaccines: We believe in making choices for the collective good - MTL encourages our staff, volunteers, members, and friends to take advantage of all the tools available to protect themselves and others against COVID.  While we appreciate vaccination as a powerful tool for resilience, we also respect and support the individual healthcare decisions made by those in our community, so we are NOT requiring vaccination for participation in MTL programming.
    We do REQUIRE those that have not been fully vacinated to remain masked.
  • Open Communication: As an organization, we err on the side of safety and open communication. We will always recommend caution because our communtiy comes first - whether that means we need to extend existing loans or postpone programming.

  • Mutual Respect: Anyone who is sick or feeling under the weather is asked to stay home - because we're a community, MTL'ers respect that. 

We've missed chatting with you and hearing all the awesome things you're doing, but hope you'll connect with us online for support and social networking via our MemberShare group on Facebook.

Keep Calm & Build On, 
MTL Staff, Volunteers, and BOD